Manufacturing Stainless Steel and Aluminum Components for the Industry

Welding stainless steel and aluminum

Welding using MIG, MAG, and TIG methods

Our company provides high-quality welding services for stainless steel and aluminum, utilizing various methods in accordance with the EN ISO 4063 standard:

  • 131 – MIG
  • 135 – MAG
  • 141 – TIG

Thickness range of welded materials: 1-25 mm
Length of welded elements: up to 12 m
Weight of welded element: up to 5 tons

Feel free to inquire about the possibility of welding elements that exceed the above parameters.

For a quotation, please send technical drawings of the welded components – SEE: CONTACT.

Appropriate technical infrastructure

We have FRONIUS TPSi equipment for welding methods 131/135 and FRONIUS Magic Wave for welding method 141. Additionally, we possess welding tables with fixtures and other necessary equipment.

Protection against corrosion

Our specialization in welding stainless steel and aluminum is crucial for protecting these materials against corrosion, thanks to the absence of contact with black steel.

Attention to aesthetics

We take care of the aesthetics of the finished products, ensuring that the appearance of joints and material surfaces meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

We ensure a high standard of product protection during storage and transportation.

Quality supported by certificates

We have:

  • Implemented and certified Welding Quality Management System according to EN ISO 3834-2.
  • In-house Production Control of structural steel components, confirmed by a certificate of compliance with the EN 1090-1 standard.

In our company, the welding process is carried out under the supervision of experienced personel. Our welders possess high skills and certifications in accordance with EN ISO 9606-1, 9606-2 standards.

Products undergo dimensional control in accordance with EN ISO 13920, and welded joints are inspected for quality based on non-destructive testing according to EN ISO 5817 and EN ISO 10042.

Offer targeted at the industry

Our welding services are aimed at manufacturing companies, including the ABC industry (Architecture-Building-Construction), food processing industry, chemical industry, pulp and paper industry, environmental protection, energy production, and the transportation industry, among others.

Other Processes

The fabrication of a component or finished product from stainless steel or aluminum often requires additional processing beyond laser cutting, bending, deburring,
or welding.

In cooperation, we also provide services such as powder coating, electropolishing, etching, etc.

Our goal is to assist customers in the comprehensive fulfillment of orders.


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