Lasers cutting of sheets / 2D

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Lasers cutting of sheets / 2D

Our business group is equipped with modern 2D laser cutting machines – Trumpf 5030 Fiber, providing professional services in the field of laser sheet cutting.

We specialize in laser cutting of metallurgical products made of stainless steel and aluminum. This approach helps us avoid the risk of corrosion, as we use tools specifically designed for processing stainless steel and aluminum.

The use of laser sheet cutting technology enables us to achieve the highest quality of cut elements, often eliminating the need for further processing. In case of any sharp edges on the details, we offer deburring, which involves removing sharp irregularities.

Our sheet laser cutting services contribute significantly to reducing production costs. This technology allows for maximum material utilization, resulting in waste reduction. Laser sheet cutting is an efficient way to obtain high-quality components while minimizing costs and increasing production efficiency.

Benefits of cooperation with us:

  • Reduction of production costs by purchasing ready-made components (elimination of waste),
  • Ensuring high accuracy and consistency of produced elements,
  • Deburring – removal of sharp residues on the edges of components to improve aesthetics and ensure safety,
  • Ensuring a high standard of product protection during storage and transportation.
  • Cutting customer-supplied materials

Laser sheet cutting / 2D – technical capabilities:

  • Worktable with maximum dimensions: 2000 x 6000 mmNEW!
  • Capability to cut stainless steel sheets with thickness ranging from 0.5 to 50.0 mm, and aluminum from 1.0 to 40.0 mm,
  • Cutting tolerances according to EN ISO 9013.

Also, inquire about the possibility of cutting elements that exceed the above parameters.

Other Processes

The fabrication of a component or finished product from stainless steel or aluminum often requires additional processing beyond laser cutting, bending, deburring,
or welding.

In cooperation, we also provide services such as powder coating, electropolishing, etching, etc.

Our goal is to assist customers in the comprehensive fulfillment of orders.


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